Internet dating science

Then I found out that I didn’t have to write a profile at all: All I needed to do was fill out some basic personal information. One day, I received an email from the service with a picture of my ideal match. In some cases, machine learning excels at spotting patterns and making predictions.

, 59 percent of Americans now consider online dating a “good way to meet people.” And so, despite our reservations, the web can be a viable place to meet a potential match.

Therefore, most dating websites recommend posting at least two to four photos for more favorable results. Studies say going heavy on the selfies and posting too frequently may suggest you’re narcissistic or depressed.

And specifically men who post a lot of selfies were rated lower, according to another survey.

But you should place extra emphasis on posting your true hobbies, not just the ones that happened to get photographed the most., more online daters seek out a common interest (64 percent) over those just seeking physical attractions (49 percent).

So whether sports or knitting, showcase your personality and interests and be sure you’re showcasing them in photos.

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