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We might even find ourselves selling our property in order to meet another’s needs (Acts ff.).We are to be a forgiving community (Colossians ) that is deeply in love with one another (John ). Christ died to bring the church into being (Ephesians )!It’s fairly easy to find a book or an article that tells you how to choose and join a church.Eugene Peterson, for example, writes in one of his books that it’s a good idea to choose the church that is the smallest and closest to your home. American evangelicals shuffle all too often from church to church, following the movements and fancies of the moment, but that’s not what I’m addressing here.She wanted me to know that their family’s sojourn with Santa Barbara Community Church had been a pleasant one, that they had grown in their faith, and that they would miss the people.She wanted to express her gratitude and let me know why they needed to leave….No matter who you are, turning your life around can be as easy as deciding that you're going to draw a line in the sand and make a change right now.

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The biblical doctrine of the church describes a body of believers deeply committed to Christ and to one another.Has your theology changed to the extent that you need to join a different church? Resist the temptation to concentrate on the warts and blemishes of the church you are leaving.Have the needs of your family or your work schedule compelled you to make a move? (You’ll find, soon enough, that your new church has a few of these too!Haven’t seen you in a while, I say as we pass on State Street. Then I learn that this person has moved to another church for whatever reason. Assuming this person has moved to a good church, I say something like Well, may God bless you and keep you. When I have these encounters, I find myself thinking as a pastor, I’ve prayed for this person and invested my life in this family. Besides, aren’t we members of the same church universal?How could he and his family leave without so much as a good-bye? I offer the following suggestions: Don’t slither or slide. When it’s time to go, go—and then go become an integral part of another good, Bible-believing, Christ-saturated church.

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